Jennifer is a qualified, experienced and skilled counsellor, offering support to individuals, children, couples and families.

Jennifer offers a holistic approach, supporting clients to explore issues, break down barriers to recovery, and provide effective strategies to empower them to move forward in their lives.

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Depression and anxiety

Many of Jennifer’s clients struggle with depression and/or anxiety brought about by a variety of issues including childhood trauma, toxic workplace environments, unhealthy relationship dynamics, or grief/loss.

Jennifer works with the client to ‘dig deep’ to find the root cause and to examine their explanatory styles. Clients might be challenged to change their explanatory styles using cognitive behaviour therapy, and they will be encouraged to process their pain using other therapies/theories such as Acceptance Commitment Theory, Gestalt Therapy, mindfulness and assertiveness training.

Interpersonal Trauma

Interpersonal (especially childhood) trauma, is an area Jennifer specialises in. Using a neurobiological approach she accesses a variety of therapies (Trauma Focused CBT, Gestalt Therapy, Attachment Theory, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Art Therapy) to help adults still suffering the repercussions of childhood abuse to understand why they react to situations the way they do, why they suffer from chronic depression and/or anxiety, and how they can process the pain and become who they really are.

As a Child Sexual Assault Counsellor, Jennifer worked directly with children who had been sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused, to help them make some sense of what happened to them and teach them healthy relating styles to replace the once effective, but now destructive coping styles they used to protect themselves as innocent children. Jennifer uses similar but more age appropriate strategies when working with adults who have had traumatic childhoods – helping them understand the impact the trauma had on their developing brains, and how to use the plasticity of the brain to develop new neural pathways leading to a healthy, full life.

relationships and parenting

Relationship issues are examined, and the client/s are provided with strategies to enhance their relating styles. Communication is a key issue, and so is respect, emotional intelligence, assertiveness and effective collaboration.  

Parenting principles are covered in detail, especially around managing children’s behaviour, and increasing their emotional intelligence and mindfulness. When a face-to-face counselling session is possible, Jennifer will work directly with the child to help them process issues, and she will also work with the parents, and with the family as a whole.

Stress and grief

Stress-reducing strategies are provided after examining the reasons for the stress. Mindfulness and meditation are two key strategies that generally produce pleasing results.

Grief can be agonising, so it is tempting to try to submerge it or to immerse oneself in the pain. It is important to express and process and the pain, and counselling can help with this process, so clients don’t get stuck in grief.  Strategies are discussed that can help clients gradually move forward again in their lives.

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